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How Does It Work?

Airflow in your engine
The GAZ-ECO turbine creates a dynamic swirling "tornado" of air within the combustion chamber.
This leads to a better fuel atomization and more efficient burning.

One Size Fits All : The GAZ-ECO adjustable turbine fit any fuel-injected engine and GAZ-ECO is the only real one size fits all to keep his efficiency from 2" to 4" intake hose. GAZ-ECO will fit in your next car. You'll never have to buy another one. Made in North America with
the best stainless steel and tooled with precision laser
for professionnal results.Fabrication découpée au laser
Security : GAZ-ECO can be locked inside the intake hose (even on hard surface or after market air intake) with his adjustable fins. No welds or parts to fall off and damage your engine with: One piece construction.
Efficiency : GAZ-ECO shapes and angles as been tested to create the most efficient tornado in your engine at any diameter and without any restriction of any kind.
Plus : GAZ-ECO with more efficient burning keep clean spark plug and everything in the combustion chamber.
GAZ-ECO turbine is Patent Pending at : Invention Québec.